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I need help...

2009-05-18 17:22:42 by Daigon99

I've been trying and trying, and I just can't get it right! I need help! I can't seem to get the preloader to start loading on the very first frame. Yes, it's on the first frame. It's the newgrounds preloader too. It doesn't show the load bar until it is ready to play? Can someone help me?


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2009-05-18 17:44:55

You're probably using a pretty big audio file?
Try to put all your library items on the first frame (and make sure they don't start playing).

Daigon99 responds:

I haven't placed the audio yet.


2009-05-18 18:20:23

It won't play when you test the movie right?
hit Ctrl+Enter, then when the test movie pops up, hit Ctrl+ enter again to simulate download.
Does that work.

Daigon99 responds:

I tried it.


2009-05-18 18:21:14

also, on the toolbar in the test movie window, there are settings to adjust the simulation speed.

Daigon99 responds:

It seems it only does that on the slower settings, thanks.


2009-06-07 10:33:17

Good news for you! With Tom's new wide layout you don't need preloaders anymore! Actually preloaders just take up time!


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