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Can you draw a stickfigure?

2009-04-26 00:06:21 by Daigon99

The "Can You Draw A Stickfigure" thread.


1. My Opinion:

It's awesome and exciting! Many people can post ideas about their idea of the most powerful stickfigures. Come post your sticks here, we judge pictures all in a kind and positive way. The rest is kinda hard to explain. LOL!

2. What's happening :

It's full of life, but we need more newgrounders. Its not very active due to a low number of newgrounders. We are making a movie collab and a game collab. The movie and game is about a guy named Evan210, who goes on a stick-killingrampage! The game is a platformer/fighter engine. Similar to the RAGE by CosmoSeth. I'm coding the game or most of it if I have too many problems. The movie collab still has a few spaces, but if you want to be sure, pm evan about it or visit the "C.Y.D.A.S." thread.

3. Who's leading the collab :

Evan is the leader of the movie collab. While Psychicpebble is the leader of the game collab.

4. You don't have any submissions, how are you programming :

I'm using sprites given to me by Psychicpebble for I cannot animate at the moment.

5. Can I test the game's BETAs :

Sure! All you will have to do is visit the "C.Y.D.A.S." thread. Normally, people post the previews or current forms of their collab parts and games.

6. Who started the thread :

One smart cookie named Gamerblade

7. I went there and no-one was in :

That's why we are trying to get more newgrounders interested in the the collab, game, and art sections of the topic.

That's it for now. Keep checking my page for updates.


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2009-04-26 20:58:38

thanks for putting me in your in your favourite artists

Daigon99 responds:

You're awesome!


2009-04-26 21:09:03

How about make it multi-player anyway.

I know a person already suggested this and you said you couldn't do it because you didn't know how and it would be anti to the lone-wolf feeling or w/e.

I'm not suggesting you do it, but I can, see my news page for proof.

I know exactly what I'm doing with online game making, but I'm not suggesting to not make lone wolf thing, but how about you make it so that everyone other than him spawns in as a stick figure and do there best to survive. And make it have a highscore like for who survives longest.

I can make all of this work.

Well, I haven't tried making player vs. player hitTests yet, but I'm sure i can figure it out.

Daigon99 responds:

I'll look into the plans. Thanks for your suggestions.


2009-04-27 01:25:45

thanks man much appreciated i like your music by the way