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You never know...

2009-04-12 20:47:17 by Daigon99

Wow, it's been two days since I got my wacom tablet, and I realized, I CAN'T ANIMATE!!
Shocking. I will be submitting a series of practice animation in hopes of getting a bit of constructive critisism from the viewers. Right now I'm working on a crappy stick animation. It's not rushed, there are effects and all, but I want to be able to animate and program. I can program, so I guess I'm halfway there. Hehe. But, I think it will take me a while to get the hang of animating and I think sprites are taking over newgrounds, so that made me get the wacom tablet in the first place. Watch the portal for my animation.


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2009-04-12 22:38:21

I'll be sure to check it out.

Daigon99 responds:

Thanks for the support!


2009-04-13 19:26:05

I noticed that newgrounds is being taken over by the youth,not the old!My Battle brother.Fight by my side..

Thats sounds so gay/

Daigon99 responds:

The youth conquers all!!!!!!!!!


2009-04-16 17:16:14

try games instead of animation

Daigon99 responds:

Games still require a bit of art though.