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2009-03-16 21:19:05 by Daigon99

I will have to drop my previous project due to lack of quality sprites, so I will make a non-sprite game.

03-23-09 UPDATE

The game will be a side-scrolling platformer.

03-27-09 UPDATE

The game will be a fighting engine also. Inspired by the "rage" series.

03-29-09 UPDATE

I'm taking suggestions so feel free to suggest.

..::More Updates soon::..


2009-03-07 12:55:19 by Daigon99

I will work on a bit of a side project.

Side Project Information.

It's a game.

It is based on the megaman series. (FORGET THIS PART)

It will have lots of different characters. (Addition)

I will be working a character select system.

I will submit early BETAs as soon as possible, It's a fighting engine.

The combo system is working.

Anything you have to say leave it.


2009-03-01 22:21:49 by Daigon99

One Stick Army
This flash movie is coming along great. Umbra9 has almost completed the sound list. BenJones724 has been shooting lots of great ideas.

But for every good thing come the bad.

I can't find out how to make a cleaner walk cycle, mine's looks like the dude has mental issues. Going to buy a wacom tablet, but I want halo wars so badly.....

The wacom I will get is about $77, that will leave me with smoother drawings, but $3.

OSA Progress
I optimized it a little.
-Layers have been combine.
-More parts were imbedded in movie clips.

Layers 17
FPS 25
Frames 67

If you haven't read this entire post or you are just dumb as crap, one stick army is coming along greatly.

If you have any questions about this flash movie, consult....well, me....or Umbra9....or BenJones724...


2009-02-20 17:24:17 by Daigon99

I have nothing to say....

I am working my ass off!

2009-02-16 22:19:09 by Daigon99

This has been a busy month.

-The "one stick army" flash is coming along greatly

21 FPS (Frames Per Second)
21 Layers
53 Frames

- I entered B0bbyBullets contest and my Bliq got 3rd. (8 people joined.)

HappyLemon got second (I'm gonna get him)
Red Alien got FIRST !!!

- I'm doing a side project with BenJones724 (It's a game)

Using stickmen (Outlined and Line tooled)

- I'm making a BliqAmation using my new character, THE BLIND (SHOWN BELOW)



The low framerate is because of all the detail that we are working on, and I will only do things according to what my members say.

The outlined sticks are kinda hard.

We haven't decided the powers of the general.

Progress "BenJones724 and Daigon99's UN-NAMED GAME"

This game will be amazing features so far.

Custom Pointers
Song Changer
Combo System

Progress "The Blind's Revenge"

Haven't started, but I will soon.

IT's a lot.

Also, the picture says "DRACOPYRE32" that my deviantart account name.
I just noticed he has two left hands!

I am working my ass off!


2009-02-15 01:44:38 by Daigon99

B0bbyBullets is hosting a Bliq art contest.

I think my submission is awsome!
(that's just me!)

For more submissions, check the news on B0bby's page.

His name is :

His favorite weapon :
Single Fire Smasher (I made that name up)

His height :



2009-02-12 17:10:38 by Daigon99

As we make more progress, we see what we can do to make the toon better.

We don't expect this to be the best cuz, it one or our first "rated" toons.

Preloader (COMPLETE)

Layers 18
FPS 21
Frames 16

Sorry for the low amount of frames, that asphalt design was harder that we thought.

BTW another time consuming factor was the side-project me and BenJones724 are doing.

Added Feb. 14 2009 : Making Progress

Layers 21
FPS 21
Frames 36

Another thing has gotten in our way, the effects.
This is going to take a while.

New Project Started

2009-01-28 19:07:47 by Daigon99

New Project Started

My friends and I have decided to do a collaborative project.
(Sorry, we are not accepting any new members.)

Here is the Layout

I (Daigon99) - Animation.
Umbra9 - Sounds and Music.
BenJones724- Concepts, easter eggs, and additional animation.

P.S. Although we are not adding any more members, you are welcome to contribute Ideas.

Current Progress - Preloader (COMPLETE)
Tools Needed (DOWNLOADED)
Background Design (IN PROGRESS)

Check Everyday, I will be editing.

*The "tools'' are just programs*

This is a screenshot of the building that will be featured in the movie.
I only want your opinion on how it looks.
I'm not that good with flash, and drawing, and If you see the sloppy edge(s) I used the pen tool.

Flash Games

2008-12-27 11:35:03 by Daigon99

I going to start creating flash games, and I learned a lot of special actionscript codes too.

I'm in trouble

2008-11-30 19:51:04 by Daigon99

Bad news :My old computer crashed with all my junk on it.
No sprites.
No games.
No nothing.

If I promised you a project I can't continue, I drew some sonic sprites and I not a good spriter but those were great.

~sorry people